Rooted in Calm: cultivating authenticity with Expats, Expat-Entrepreneurs and Equitable Enterprises.

Most of us are firmly rooted in our thought patterns and responses. They are our armor, our shield that we employ daily without even recognizing it.  The older we get, the more hardwired our neural pathways become. Fortunately, we don’t have to be stuck in this mental rut – the good news is that our brains have the ability to build new neural pathways. Forming new neural connections allows us to rewire our brain, which means we always have the ability to develop agility. While physical agility serves us well in a game of tennis, mental agility services us well repeatedly throughout the day. Every. Single. Day. This dexterity is the seed from which authenticity can grow.  This growth occurs best in a calm, peaceful mind. Calm is the nutrient rich environment from which yields the finest fruits of our labor.

Individual and Family Services

Journey Mapping explore your map of the world to understand how you arrived in Leiden, literally and figuratively. Whether you are fresh with jetlag on your first foray into Expat life or own three bikes, two rain suits and have racked up several countries, this is your journey. Next, we examine your lifestyle and LP’s (Life Parameters) to plot the next steps toward cultivating your authentic expat life.

Goal Setting forget New Year’s resolutions let’s talk about small incremental habits that lead to success. Success that is defined and judged solely by you.  We will fast-forward six months to a year ahead with your success in mind. Then we will clearly define you goal(s) so we can break them down into bite-size chunks that are Expat Achievable.

Cultivating Calm, because Calm is a superpower. Receive guidance and simple tools to a cultivate calm and carry-on of sorts, to bring with you where your Expat Life takes you. 

Essential Business Services

Cultivate calm at your workplace, it breeds big ideas.

Map your client journey to create customer focused strategy aligned with your company values.

Carve out room for the “C” word, compassion. It is not a term used frequently in the corporate setting; still employees and leaders alike miss it and thrive with it.  

Allyson Kukel, the founder of Rooted in Calm, has been working and living abroad for more than fifteen years. She has experienced being the trailing partner (following someone abroad) as well as leading and solo travel stints, allowing her to take a deeply empathic approach to wellbeing, because frankly, she’s probably been in your shoes. Allyson is a self-described aviation geek with a passion for people and the environment. She grew up in California and has lived in several countries across three continents, working with a large swath of the world, she now resides in Leiden. 

Partner News

Hello Leiden

Founder of Rooted in Calm Allyson Kukel recently featured in an episode of Hello Leiden, the first English spoken talk show of Sleutelstad TV. Watch the episode below. 



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