Intercultural Training Services is an intercultural consultancy based in Leiden, The Netherlands, offering courses for corporate entities (provided in the workplace) and private individuals (open registration). Specialising in teaching Dutch, British, European and Japanese culture, courses can be tailor-made into half day or full day coaching sessions to meet your requirements.

Because we teach 'intercultural' and not just 'cultural' courses, we provide far more information than just the culture of our geographic specialisations. We detail how other cultures are likely to interact with those that we specialise in teaching, and how you can adjust your behaviour in order to get the best outcome for your desired needs.

Whether you intend to live or do business within the Netherlands, UK or Japan, or whether you have employees from outside Europe working in your establishment, Intercultural Training Services has something for you to improve your intercultural understanding.

The Netherlands is a modern industrial economy having a strong historical trading tradition within the European Union. Like other countries within the European Union, The Netherlands has its own cultural traits, both socially and within the business environment. Failure to comprehend these cultural traits, and the reasoning behind them, can lead to misunderstanding which can cost a business time and money, and also lead to social confusion and isolation for individuals. This course therefore tries to address these problems by looking at how various cultures can effectively communicate and understand how and why certain Dutch social and business practices have come to be. Full day intensive courses go even further by offering a complete geographical and historical overview of The Netherlands which helps bring various cultural traits into context.

Whether you are a business within The Netherlands with overseas employees, an overseas company wishing to do business within The Netherlands, or an overseas individual looking to live and work in The Netherlands, this course can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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