Organizing for Expats

Wherever you are, you will always need to organize your stuff, your house, or your life. If you can’t get a clear overview, if you want to improve your work environment, or if you want to get rid of stuff or those packing cases, I can help!



I think that I was born an organizer, and I have been doing it professionally for 17 years. I help people to declutter and to make choices, in order to reduce stuff and (re)gain space. My approach is pragmatic, and we find solutions to organize and bring structure into homes and/or offices.
Time management is also a speciality of mine; I help people to become conscious of the way they spend their time, and I help and coach them to make a simple (and effective) planning system.


Special services:

  • Help in organizing your digital or analogue photographs;
  • Help in organizing your e-mail box and computer files;
  • Planning systems – my own ‘Plan-tation’ and ‘Plan-in’;
  • Help in identifying the best places to bring goods for charity or recycling.

You might like to read a couple of my articles. One on my planning aid 'plan-tation' and one on the book ‘Stuffocation’

Please contact me so we can meet to discuss how I might help you!

*Figure 1. Photograph of the ‘piling’ art of Michael Johansson – at the Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar. 'I call it ‘organizing art’.


Visiting adress:
Drususlaan 177, 2314 BZ Leiden
The Netherlands 

Contact details:
T +31 (0)71 5424331 or  +31 (0)6 27062917
E ellen@ellenmassaro.nl

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