Hello Expat!


The Stage for entrepreneurial Expats in The Netherlands!

Our target audience is every (entrepreneurial) Expat who has the intention or interest to start their own company in the Netherlands.
Also (international) startups, (international) institutions and (international) companies who aim at Expats are a main target audience for Hello Expat.



Our AIM:

Providing a national stage for enterpreneurial Expats in the Netherlands, aiming to inspire and share knowledge about new innovative advanced business models, marketing strategies and applications of the latest social media. In short Hello Expat is a unifying factor between entrepreneurial expats and any interested person, entrepreneur and company who is open to change.

Our Business:

3-step Social Media Management training for corporates and brands:
Step 1: Social Media Management: corporate identity – uniformity.
Step 2: Social Media Marketing: translating & reinforcing the central message via Social Media.
• Step 3: Social Media Review & Preview: 3 months looking back and 3 months looking ahead – applying new developments – Which special moments and / or promotions are coming and how are you going to announce this via Social Media.




Contact details:
Orhan Polat
T:+31 628 72 61 68
E: HelloExpatNL@gmail.com

Social Media: 

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