Van Poelgeest is honored to welcome you at one of our six BMW Stores.

A special service for special customers. Enjoy the privileges of Van Poelgeest Diplomatic Sales, and benefit from the many advantages, including: special conditions and tax benefits as a diplomat; personal customer care from our dealership and the Van Poelgeest Diplomatic Sales team; the full range of BMW vehicles tailored to your individual needs and worldwide service and a two-year warranty regardless of mileage. 

Who is eligible for Diplomatic Sales?

To confirm your status as a diplomat, we require one of the following:
• Diplomatic passport from the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
• Official passport issued by the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
• Laisser-passer / Official passport from the UN or associated organisations
• Ministerial passport
• NATO ID CARD or service passport

* Offer may vary by country. This programme is not available to diplomats residing in the US. Please contact us  for further information.

Institutions entitled to participate in the BMW Diplomatic Sales programme:
• Main organisation with its departments and offices
• Specialist agencies and institutions, e.g. ILO, UNESCO, ITU
• World Bank Group (IBRD) and IMF

• European Commission, European Parliament, European Court
• Their executive bodies and institutions, e.g. ECB, ESC, EPO
• Their agencies, e.g. EMEA, Europol

Internationally-coordinated organisations:
• Council of Europe

Other international organisations, e.g.:
• Interpol
• GTZ (German Association for Technical Cooperation)

News from Van Poelgeest:

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The Netherlands 

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