Who needs to register?

Staying 4 Months or Longer

Everyone living in the Netherlands for more than 4 months is required to register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen - BRP). Governmental organisations need your data to provide you with the correct services. 

During a registration appointment at the Expat Centre Leiden you will be registered with the municipality and immediately receive a Citizen Service Number (Bugerservicenummer - BSN). You will also have a 30-minute appointment with our helpdesk employee, who can answer questions on all topics relating to living in the Netherlands. 

  • You can only register when you actually relocate - not on a preview trip or before the start of your housing contract.
  • The ECL covers municipal registration for people living in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude.
  • In some cases it is possible to register at your employer's postal address, if it is in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten or Zoeterwoude. This is a tempoarary measure and is only valid for 3 months or until you have a permanent address. You will need to complete this form.
  • If you already possess a Citizen Service number (Burgerservicenummer - BSN), please register at the municipality of your residence instead of the Expat Centre Leiden; the Expat Centre isn’t authorized to do resettlement registrations (hervestiging).
  • For an address change, also please contact your new municipality.

Staying 4 Months or Less

If you are visiting the Netherlands from abroad to work or study, and you will be staying less than 4 months you are not required to register. However, in the case that you have to deal with any Dutch government agencies such as for example the Tax Administration Authority (Belastingdienst), a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer - BSN) will still be required. This can be obtained by registering as a non-citizen in the Personal Records Database (Register Niet-Ingezetenen - RNI). Please view the RNI page for information on how and where to obtain a BSN in case you are staying 4 months or less.

Your information in the BRP 
You can check your BRP record online with your Digital Identification (DigiD) at MijnOverheid or you can make an appointment with your municipality to view your data. Please check Expat Centre Leiden for details about applying for your DigiD. If you find that your data in the BRP is wrong or incomplete, you should ask your municipality for it to be changed.The municipality will make changes in your BRP record based on official documents that are provided by specified authorities and, in some cases, these need to be apostilled. 

Citizen service number (Burgerservicenummer - BSN) 

A BSN is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in the Netherlands. It makes contact between different government organisations and between individuals and government easyYou need a BSN to open a Dutch bank account, apply for Dutch health insurance, register your child at a school or apply for government benefits for housing, healthcare or childcare. You will receive BSN only once and it will always stay yours, even when you move abroad. Make sure to keep your BSN confidential, to prevent others from having access to your personal data and using it for fraud or identity theft 

Incorrect registration can have serious consequences for you: 

  • You may receive an administrative fine of €325,00 
  • You will no longer receive allowances for housing, healthcare or children 
  • You can no longer apply for a passport, ID card or drivers’ license 
  • You are no longer entitled to employment benefits or other public services 

Moving to another address in the Netherlands  

If you move to another place of residence in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to notify the municipality of your new address. If you don't have a permanent home address in the Netherlands, you can temporarily register at the address of someone you know or at youemployersaddress (postal address)If you register at a company addressyou must inform the municipality about your new address within 3 months. You can notify your municipality in person, in writing or online with your DigiDYou can do this four weeks before or no later than five days after the date you move. Iyou are moving to different municipality, you only need to inform your new municipality. Once registered at your new address, you will be automatically deregistered from your previous address. If you have a residence permit, you do not need to notify the IND, as the municipality will do this for you. 

Other people registered at your address  

If you allow others to register at your address 

The municipality must be informed if someone else is coming to live with you for a period of 3 months or longer. 

  • Only allow someone to register at your address if this person is legally allowed to live in the Netherlands.  
  • If someone will (temporarily) stay with you, this person must get registered. You will need to provide a signed written permission, along with a copy of your passport or European ID card. You can download the form Written Confirmation Main Occupant for this purpose.
  • If you rent out a room in your home, be sure to give the tenant permission to register at your address and offer a proper rental contract.  

If someone else is incorrectly registered at your address 

The municipality uses the data from the BRP to determine how much tax you must pay for water management and waste services. If people are incorrectly registered at your address, these costs might be higher for you. You could also be a victim of address fraud and receive bills meant for other people or lose your right to housing benefit because of ‘housemates’ who don’t live at your address. Make sure you always report it if you think someone is wrongly registered at your address.  

Municipality registration checks 

If the municipality thinks a BRP registration is incorrect, it can launch an address investigation: the municipality will send letters to the address and ask for documents confirming the registration. Sometimes an employee may visit the house.   

Moving abroad and deregistration 

You need to notify the municipality that you will be relocating to another country if you are planning to stay abroad for more than 8 months out of the next 12 months. This does not have to be a continuous period. You must notify the municipality no earlier than 5 days in advance and no later than the day of your departure. On deregistration, the BRP informs other government bodies like the IND and the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) about your new address abroad. If you do not deregister, you will still be charged for taxes and other expenses. You must return your residence permit to the IND before you leave the Netherlands. You can return your residence permit to the IND at any IND desk or by post. Check the IND website for more details. 

Have you already moved abroad? You must inform the municipality as soon as possible! In that case, the day of which your notification has been received will count as your relocation date. Submitting in the past is not possible. If you have a residence permit, you will have to inform the IND yourself.  

Once deregistered from the BRP as a resident, your personal data will move to the non-residents part of the BRP, the Non-residents Records Database (Registratie Niet-ingezetenen - RNI).  You should keep your RNI record up to date, in order to finalize your taxes oto qualify for potential pension income in the future 

Proof of deregistration  

When you move abroad, you will sometimes have to show proof of deregistration from the Netherlands. Please check with the agency that requires the proof to confirm the specific type of document it requires.  

  • If you come to submit your notice of emigration at the municipality office (on the day of departure or no more than 5 days in advance), you'll receive a written confirmation of “pre-departure declaration”. This document will satisfy customs requirements.  
  • If you come to the municipality office on the day of your departure, you can receive an extract that includes information about your departure. This document also satisfies customs requirements. 
  • If you would like proof of your emigration from the Netherlands after departure, you will need to request an extract from the Non-residents Records Database. This document will be suitable for customs and foreign authorities. 

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