Due to COVID-19, Leiden Municipality wants to keep appointments for registration as short as possible. Therefore, first registrations for BRP / BSN will be done based on personal information on your passport or ID card and your rental contract ( or address registration form ) only. There is no need to bring additional documents, like a birth certificate or marriage certificate. You will have to make a seperate appointment with Leiden Municipality at a later stage to show additional documents, by calling the customer service department, by phone number 14071. Please mention you would like to make an appointment for "inleveren brondocumenten wonen ".

Please bring these documents to your registration appointment at the Expat Centre Leiden:

  • It is always mandatory to bring a valid proof of identity: passport or ID-card. A driving licence is not sufficient.
  • It is mandatory to bring a valid birth certificate.*
  • It is also mandatory to bring a letter or document of job appointment, mentioning the company name and function within the company.
  • Additionally these are mandatory in specific cases:
    • In the case you are non-EU: bring your Residence permit (visa or permit).
    • In the case that you are married or divorced: bring a recently issued original marriage or divorce certificate.*
    • In the case that you do not have a home address yet: bring the completed and signed 'Address registration form'.
    • In the case that you are a Privileged Person: bring your Privileged person's identity (MFA) card.*
    • In the case that you have an address: bring proof of address (lease agreement, declaration of the owner of the address or a purchase contract).
    • In the case that you are a bachelor/master graduate bring proof of your Orientation Year Permit granted by the IND.

* Make sure the documents are in the correct language and are legalised/apostilled.