Finding a dentist

If you need dental care, and if you are not already registered at a practice, you can call any dentist to ask for an appointment. However, do take into account that it could be a number of days before a dentist is available for an appointment. You may be asked to pay for the appointment in cash. If your insurance covers dental costs, ask the dentist for a receipt which will enable you to claim a refund from your insurance company.

The best way to find a dentist is by personal recommendation from friends, colleagues, neighbours or the family General Practitioner (Huisarts) may be able to suggest a suitable dentist. Simply phone and ask to register with the dentist of your choice. The municipality may also provide you with information and perhaps the names of dentists who speak your language. 

Once you have registered with a dental practice they may send you reminders to attend biannual check ups (this may be a requirement of your insurance company).

To find a dentist, orthodontist or dental hygienist several review and comparison sites are also available. Be aware that some of these sites are sponsored by health care insurers, and may not be fully objective.


For emergency dental treatment outside practice hours you call the practice. An answering machine will inform you who to contact in case of an emergency. Take note that this information will usually be in Dutch.

Coverage of dental care

The cost of dental care is usually not included in a basic health insurance package (basispakket). You may want to take out additional insurance. For information about your coverage, check your policy terms or contact your insurer.