Under the ‘Inclusive Education’ (Passend Onderwijs) Act all schools are responsible for providing a suitable learning place for every child. 

If the support required turns out to be too specialised or intensive, the child might be referred to a dedicated special needs school. There are different types of special needs education based on the type of special needs. At these schools the class sizes are smaller than at regular schools, and the children receive more tailor-made and specialised support and therapies focused on their specific needs. The teachers teach at different levels in the class, and most children follow the regular curriculum.

Special needs support in international schools

Most international schools in the Netherlands (both state-funded and private) work with Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers. Usually they can or only want to accommodate a limited number of SEN-children a year.  

International schools can normally offer a lot of additional support, but you may have to pay for a teaching assistant.

In the Netherlands there is only one international special needs school: Lighthouse Special Education, located in The Hague. They specialise in complex behavioural and/or developmental problems. Children between 3 and 5 years attend its International pre-school group “Three Little Ships” (Early Intervention Programme).

You can find more info about the ‘Inclusive Education’ (Passend Onderwijs).

Expat Special Educational Needs Group in the Netherlands: http://eseng.nl.