Daycare in Leiden 

Daycare is for children aged 3 months to 4 years. After their 4th birthday, children may start school - although this is not compulsory until they are 5. There are several options for daycare including childminders (gastouders) and nurseries/daycare centers (kinderdagverblijf). 
For further information on the different types of child care in the Netherlands, please see Dutch Childcare Explained.

Gastouders (Childminders)

We recomment you contact the Gastouder organisations directly to find one that suits you. Please find below some Dutch Gastouder organisations that have gastouders in Leiden. Most of their websites are only in Dutch, but you can use Google Translate or similar to navigate. You can also call them, as it is likely that they speak English.

Gastouders in Leiden and Leiden Region

Gastouders in Oegstgeest

Kinderdagverblijf (Nurseries/Daycare)

Leiden and Oegstgeest 

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There is a playgroup in the north of Leiden. Children can attend from 2 to 4 yearsThere are 2 groups: a Tuesday/Thursday group and Wednesday/Friday group (from 8.00 to 13.30). In additionit is possible that children can attend on a third day (Monday). 
Please note though that in this context the 'Vrij' (free) refers not to the cost but to the style of play.