There are several test and vacccination locations in the Leiden region where you can go to.  

GGD test locations 

In the Leiden region, you can go to the following test locations by the GGD: 

  • Leiden: Verbeekstraat, no number, past 19-21 (last building of the Verbeekstraat).  
  • Katwijk: vliegveld Valkenburg, 1e Mientlaan 29 
  • Alphen aan den Rijn: Kalkovenweg 7 
  • Gouda: Nieuwe Gouwe O.Z 40 

All these test locations are accessible by foot. Do not come early and always wear a face mask. You can make an appointment online here or you can call 0800-1202.  

PCR test for travel

If you are travelling abroad, you most likely need a PCR test taken. On the travel page, you can find locations in the Leiden region where you can get such a test. 

Vaccination locations  

Once you have your invite for your vaccination, you can make an appointment online or by calling 0800-7070. You can receive a vaccine at the following locations:  

  • Leiden: Event en Convention Center ECC Leiden, Haagse Schouwweg 10
  • Leiderdorp: Sporthal de Bloemerd, Bloemerd 1a Leiderdorp
  • Alphen aan den Rijn: Nieuwe Sloot, President Kennedylaan 1
  • Noordwijkerhout: Hotel NH Noordwijk, Langelaan 3 
  • Gouda: Dick van DijkhalTobbepad 2 


Are you not listed in the BRP, but are you staying in the Netherlands for 1 month or longer? Then you can contact your own embassy in the Netherlands. The embassy will provide you with a telephone number with which you can register for a vaccination. Bring your passport to the appointment for the corona vaccination. 

On the government's website, you can find the Dutch coronavirus vaccination schedule. Here, you can see when you can expect your invite and what vaccine is available to you. 

The government has also made several communication tools in different languages (English, Polish, Arabic and more), which answers several questions you might have about a coronavirus vaccination. You can find them here

This overview will give you more information on the vaccination programme in the Netherlands and if and when you will receive an invitation.