*The Expat Centre Leiden is looking for interns starting February or September.

We are looking for an intern that can start in January 2021.

Are you looking for an interesting, international internship in Leiden? Are you pro-active, independent, and an English speaker? This Internship at the Expat Centre Leiden gives you a chance to help build and develop our non-profit organization while expanding your own skills.

What is the Expat Centre Leiden?

The Expat Centre Leiden (ECL) is part of Leiden Marketing and a cooperation between six municipalities, businesses and knowledge institutes. The ECL is a public-private collaboration, for which it was nominated for an award by CLOK. We offer services to the quickly increasing number of internationals, their families and the companies they work for in all phases of the expat’s assignment life: ‘Coming to, Settling in, Living in and Leaving’. By helping the internationals, we help the companies that hire them and thus the investment climate in the Leiden region.

Internationals and their families can contact the regional Expat Centre for government facilities such as a municipal registration, information about driver’s licenses and child support. The ECL has an in-house desk for face to face or email information about questions regarding anything that will make the expat’s life in the Leiden region easier. Questions range from international schools that offer A-levels or IB, the health care system in the Netherlands to the best bakery in town. We also offer a network for internationals to get in touch with each other through events and activities. Last but not least we refer internationals to partnered businesses that will be relevant for them like banks, tax and legal advisers.

How do we need your help?

 We need people who are willing to help build, maintain and improve the activities of this centre and enable us to extend our services. We need someone who ‘sees’ what needs to happen. (Also, someone who doesn’t mind doing day to day operational work). This internship is a combination of building/developing and research.

During your internship you will be asked to:

  • Research the expats’ needs for courses and workshops and the financial business for these courses.
  • Look for information, events, articles, blogs that can be interesting for expats and post it on our website/social media. You can do it by yourself searching on websites of the different municipalities, but you will also receive information by our partners. This could be a blog, an article, an event taking place in the Leiden region and much more.
  • Create a database of organisations relevant for internationals
  • Keep in touch with the ECL partners.
  • Execution of partner services: registration, creation of the web page, social media posts, articles in the newsletter. You will have to follow a series of procedures to insert the partner correctly in our database (e.g. contact information, payment, ecc..).
  • Find relevant new partners in the Leiden region.
  • Website management: the CMS needs to be updated constantly with partner information, news and events.
  • Social media: is not only our window to expats looking for information and things to do in the Leiden region, but also a means to offer exposure to our partners.
  • Take part in the organisation of the events that we create for internationals (Meet & Mingle). During these events, you will be the “face” of the Expat Centre, and internationals will refer to you for practical matters, further activities of the ECL, but also for a nice chat.

What do we need?

  • You study for instance International Business and Management/and languages; International Studies; Commercial Economics; Facility Management; Marketing and Communication; European Studies; Management, Economics and Law, but any education HBO level or above, combined with the right skills, is an option.
  • You are available for at least 32 hours a week.
  • You are pro-active, flexible and results oriented.
  • You are independent and organized.
  • You have a hands-on mentality.
  • You have an international mindset.
  • You have English skills on a high level.
  • You have Dutch language skills (appreciated but not mandatory)

What’s in it for you?

You get to work in a non-profit company in the start-up phase, a company where governmental services meet a business mindset. In this pioneer stage of the company not much is set in stone yet which will give you a lot of freedom, responsibility, and will learn a range of new skills.

You will acquire a proactive mindset and develop problem-solving skills. At first you will be guided in all the steps you have to follow during your work. Nonetheless, with time you will be relatively free to manage your own load work. Thanks to this, you will learn to prioritise the things you will have to do. After a while you will be able to foresee what is about to happen, to anticipate the outcomes of your actions and to make the most out of your time here.

The ECL is part of Leiden Marketing and located in the Handelshuis (Trade House), where on average, five other interns work. A welcoming, dynamic, competent team is waiting for you. We are always up for a nice chat and a cup of coffee, but we are also more than willing to help you settle in and answer all your questions and doubts on more practical matters.

This internship offers you an opportunity to improve your Dutch language skills and connect with Dutch students and employees working in the Handelshuis. It is an excellent chance to learn about and integrate into Dutch culture while working in an environment where English will be the main language used.

We offer a € 250 internship fee and internship guidance by an experienced bilingual supervisor.


If you are interested, you can apply for an internship in 2 different time slots: February-July or September-January.

Please send your motivational letter and resume to Corine van der Ceelen, manager Expat Centre Leiden at info@expatcentreleiden.nl and you could become part of the Expat Centre Leiden team. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The start and end date will be mutually agreed with the candidates. We’re looking for an internship of at least four months.