In the event that an expat will have to deal with matters concerning Dutch Corporate Law, an attorney could be of assistance.

Below is an overview of subjects in corporate law, that might be applicable to international entrepreneurs. 



 • Restructuring

 • Agency agreements

• Mergers and acquisitions

 • Distributorship agreements

• Business succession, selling a company

 • License agreements

• Management buy in/buy out

• Intellectual property

• Participating investors

 • Project agreements (client - contractor)

• Transfer of shares

 • Commercial lease

• Incorporation of legal entity

 • (Corporate) recovery

If an expat requires information about corporate law, it is advisable to contact a specialised lawyer or notary. They can help with their knowledge concerning all aspects of commercial law and they have international networks at their disposal which can support expats with similar questions worldwide. They assist stakeholders, managers, shareholders, supervisory boards, works councils, client councils and participation councils as well as local and national ministries and other institutions.