Hiring international talent

Employment regulations in the Netherlands have been designed to offer a number of different ways of engaging international talent. This ensures that Dutch businesses and organisations can employ the best skillsets, develop world-class research and invest in highly skilled graduates. 

During the process of hiring international staff, there are a few things to arrange and to consider, depending on the skills and nationality of the employee:

  • Recognised Sponsorship  
  • Visa application for your potential employee (and his/her family)
  • First registration of the employee in the BRP
  • Tax free addditional financial support for your employee 

On these pages,  you will find information on how to apply for a residence permit for your foreign employee, how to apply for recognition as a sponsor and which residence permit to work exist.

Benefits to using the expat centre

There are many advantages for using the services of Expat Centre Leiden, including:

  • One location - Two appointments: BRP registration and a 30-minute helpdesk consultation for your employees
  • Most services free of charge
  • Welcome bag with information for newly arrived expats, including the Expat Centre Leiden Expat Essentials Booklet
  • Additional information on a wide range of topics, invitations for your employees to our events organized for expats

Types of expats

The following types of residence are handled at Expat Centre Leiden:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant and/or family member
  • Scientific Researcher and/or family member(s)
  • Recent graduates/Orientation Year (zoekjaar)
  • Privileged persons/Diplomats
  • Entrepreneurs
  • EU Citizens with an employment contract for a minimum of four months

Family members 

Accompanying or following family members of highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers are also welcome to use the Expat Centre. The application form can be found on the IND website.

About Expat Centre Leiden

Expat Centre Leiden is a non-profit organisation funded by the government, educational institutions and local businesses. We offer government services, information and provide a network for internationals living or working in the Leiden region. 

At Expat Centre Leiden, the procedures and the provision of information are placed together to help expats and their families settle into their new living (and working) environment. Our helpdesk is available to answer all questions and, together with our trusted partners, we organise informative and social events & workshops, creating a new home-away-from-home.