Positive economic figures for Leiden region

For the fourth year running, the Leiden region is showing positive economic growth figures. This is evidenced by the Index071 by the firm Blaauwberg, which was drafted at the commission of Economie071. The growth is primarily attributable to the life sciences cluster and the activities directly related to it. The medical-biological cluster is creating stability and elevating the Leiden region above the national average. The rest of the economy presents a calm image. Geographically, the growth is not uniformly distributed. Jobs and companies are moving to the centre of the region: to Leiden, and to a somewhat lesser degree to Oegstgeest. Other places show stabilisation or even mild decline. The index figures relating to pre-vocational secondary education indicate a point of concern. A shortage of well-trained upper secondary vocational graduates threatens. In order to gain a more detailed picture of this matter, a separate scan was carried out as part of a labour market special.
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New Dutch matrimonial property regime: a ‘limited community of property’ since 1 of January 2018

‘My CD, your CD. And this one belongs to both of us. But we got it from my mum, from my mum, so it’s really mine.’ This verse from a well-known Dutch song is a good illustration of today’s public perception of property rights in marriage. Most people take the view that each spouse’s personal property should remain his or her personal property. This principle is cemented by the new law on matrimonial property.
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Register for Seminar for international education!

To all international parents: Would you like to learn more on how to find a suitable school for your children? The Municipality of Leiden and Expat Centre Leiden are happy to invite you to a free seminar on the Dutch education system.
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