Expat Centre education event

On March 12, Annebet van Mameren from New2nl came to the beautiful town hall of Leiden to give a presentation on the Dutch education system. This annual event was facilitated by the Expatcenter and Municipality of Leiden.
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Bike rental EasyFiets starts crowdfunding for new recyclefactory

Leiden – On Wednesday February 14th 2018, the Leiden bike rental organisation Easyfiets started a crowdfunding for their new recycle factory. Easyfiets has been recycling bicycles since 2015, after which they can be leased for a fixed monthly fee. With this new factory, the company wishes to recycle even more bicycles. Furthermore, the factory offers a sheltered workshop for people who are distanced from the labour market, where they will have the ability to obtain a certificate as a bicycle mechanic.
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Work permit no longer required for voluntary work

International students and scientific researchers from outside the European Union wishing to do voluntary work in the Netherlands, no longer need a work permit (TWV) to do so. Instead, the so-called Volunteer Declaration (Vrijwilligersverklaring) is now sufficient.
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