We Are Leiden major success

The first event of We Are Leiden on Sunday 27 August turned out a great success. On this sunny day, 150 ‘duos’, consisting of a Leidenaar and a newcomer, set out to get to know each other and the city. The ‘locals’ acted as a buddy and presented their own piece of Leiden, sometimes alternating with more traditional spots in the city centre. The Hortus botanicus proved to be an especially popular location.
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Say YES To The Dress: And to the applicable law on your matrimonial property

Thinking of getting married? If so, that means making arrangements for the wedding, choosing a dress, viewing potential venues and so on. But have you also thought about the legal aspects of marriage? More specifically, have you considered to which country’s law your matrimonial property is subject, and what consequences this might have?
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Explore the city of Leiden whilst solving a murder mystery!

Are you looking for a fun way to explore the sights in the city of Leiden? On your own, together, with the whole family or a couple of friends? Then Speurroutes Nederland has the answer for you. The company created a Murder Mystery for you to solve. Now’s your chance to join hundreds of Speurrouters in catching the murderer!
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