We Are Leiden major success

5 September 2017

The first event of We Are Leiden on Sunday 27 August turned out a great success. On this sunny day, 150 ‘duos’, consisting of a Leidenaar and a newcomer, set out to get to know each other and the city. The ‘locals’ acted as a buddy and presented their own piece of Leiden, sometimes alternating with more traditional spots in the city centre. The Hortus botanicus proved to be an especially popular location.

Chris de Waard attended We Are Leiden and spoke with organiser Pepijn Smit, mayor Lenferink and various duos who had visited the city.

Starting point

After a two-hour wander through the city, the duos reconvened at the Burcht, where they had started out at 15.00 hrs. Here, mayor Lenferink addressed the We Are Leiden participants in English: “Coming together, talking and dining together are great ways to get to know each other”, according to the mayor: “this is how we build a close-knit community. And that is of great importance.”

Platform for meeting each other

At the end of the day, during the picnic at the Burcht, Pepijn Smit (one of the organisers of the event) looks back on the afternoon with satisfaction: “For me, this day is definitely worth organising another edition. With We Are Leiden, we want to create a platform for people to meet. Not just locals and newcomers, but also, for example, districts and the centre, and Leidenaren and Leijenaren.”