Stick and Plan Your To Do's with 'Plan-in' - Ellen Massaro, partner ECL, professional organizer

30 October 2018

So many people, so many perceptions - and so many ways of planning. But, the simpler the system, the more gratifying it is. This article is about getting round to important things and planning them. But... planning - Ugh! Some people don't want to hear about it. Because then you feel that you're in a straitjacket - and life never works out as planned anyway. These can both be true - if you don't plan realistically.

Sometimes you have been busy the whole day, and the bicycle with the puncture is still waiting to be dealt with, or you didn't manage to sort out that insurance, or those Dutch lessons. 

If you want to make sure that important things get done, plan them into your day - and in a way that appeals to you, thereby helping to get them done. Realistic planning... that means taking into account the time it costs, and how long you can concentrate on one thing.

Because I am a fan of Post-it® Notes, and regularly work with visually aware people, creative thinkers and busy millenials, I have developed an easy planning tool, 'Plan-in'. This is a simple and handy stick-on board with which to plan your 'to-do's'. You can put it on the desk, hang it up, or take it with you. 

You use the planner together with your usual (digital) diary. You decide each week what must be done, and/or things that you want to get done. These can be tasks for your work, studies, or for example housekeeping. Maybe you have a lot to sort out and unpack, now that you have come to live in the Netherlands. Or are you wanting to get the children cycling safely?

Each group of tasks can have its own colour. The colours signal the goals and make the board jolly. If something comes along for the following wek, or you didn't manage to finish a task this week, stick it in 'stock' and include it in the plan for the following week. And you won't plan too much as long as you don't fill the Post-it notes with text :).

You get more tips with the planner. It is (also) available in English; and especially for expats with a discount of €2.00 (up to 31-12-2018). You can order one here (use the discount code: EXPLAN). If you cannot pay with the Dutch IDEAL system, send me an e-mail (