New Internationalisation Policy Leiden

19 February 2020

On 2 March 2020, we are organising an information meeting at the Stadskantoor in Leiden about our new internationalisation policy. You will be very welcome to join us.

Why a new policy?

Leiden is a city with many international residents. Since 2019, 31.3% of our population consists of residents with a non-Dutch origin, such as foreign students, migrant workers, knowledge workforce / expats and refugees. In the coming years, we expect more internationals to settle in Leiden, for shorter and longer periods of time.

Together with our partners in the city, the municipality of Leiden must consider how this will affect the city and its residents. Besides challenges relating to housing and municipal services, for example, the municipality believes that the arrival of internationals also offers the city many opportunities. More international companies coming to the greater Leiden area will generate more employment and there will be more social and cultural exchange.

For this reason, the municipality has developed a new internationalisation policy. With this policy, we want to ensure that Leiden remains a great place for everyone, international and non-international, to live, work and learn.


  • 19.30 – 19.45 Walk-in
  • 19.45 – 19.50 Opening
  • 19.50 - 20.15 Presentation of internationalisation policy by deputy mayor Paul Dirkse
  • 20.15 - 21.30 Two discussion rounds about internationalisation:

                             Round 1: Opportunities for the city
                             Round 2: Challenges for the city

After about 30 minutes, participants in round 1 will move to round 2 and vice versa, so that everyone can have a say on both topics.


Bargelaan 190, room 1B/1C
2333 CW Leiden

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