Netherlands to reopen further with coronavirus entry passes

15 September 2021

The Netherlands continues to reopen further as nearly 13 million people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and more than 11 million are fully vaccinated.


As of 25 September, we no longer have to stay 1.5 meters from others. It means that restaurants and bars can open to maximum capacity, and all events will again be allowed. However, only maximum vaccination coverage will allow lifting all the measures, therefore in November, the government will reassess the measures remaining in place for now.

Coronavirus entry pass

The coronavirus entry pass system is being introduced for locations that will get busier when the 1.5-meter distancing rule is lifted. As of 25 September, the coronavirus entry pass system will apply to bars and restaurants (but not takeaways), events (such as festivals, concerts and professional sports matches), and cultural venues (such as cinemas and theatres). Whether people have a fixed seat or not, and whether the location is indoors or outdoors, everyone aged 13 and over will have to show a valid coronavirus entry pass to gain admission. Everyone aged 14 and over will also have to show their ID along with their coronavirus entry pass. All hospitality establishments must be closed between midnight and 06.00.

You can get a coronavirus entry pass if you are fully vaccinated, have valid proof of recovery, or a negative result from a coronavirus test taken less than 24 hours before entry. For people without proof of vaccination or recovery, getting tested will remain free of charge. You can generate a coronavirus entry pass using the CoronaCheck app on your mobile phone.

Work advice 

The advice to work from home unless that is impossible is being modified. The advice is now: work from home if you can, and go to the office if you must. It’s up to employers and employees to make satisfactory arrangements on hours worked at home and at the office.

Face masks are mandatory on public transport and at airports

Face masks are still mandatory in airports, on aircraft, trains, buses, trams, metros, in taxis, and on other commercial passenger transport. Face masks no longer need to be worn in train stations and at the bus, tram and metro stops. 


The rules on self-quarantining for people traveling to the Netherlands will change as of 22 September. Vaccinated travelers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other very high-risk areas no longer have to self-quarantine on arrival in the Netherlands. Prepare your journey well. Before you leave, check the travel advice on (in Dutch) and

For more information about new Covid-19 measures visit the government website.