Maximum hours Internationals are allowed to work next to studies increased

5 June 2018

Non-EU students permitted to work more hours next to study - Good news for non-EU international students who wish to work next to their studies and companies offering employment to international students! As of 23 May of this year, the maximum hours an international student is allowed to work next to their studies has been increased from 10 to 16 hours per week. The preexisting alternative, to work full time during the months June, July and August, remains unchanged.

The conditions to obtain a special work permit for the purpose of work alongside study are that the student has a valid residence permit for the purpose of study and is registered at a Dutch education institution. Renumeration for work activities must be at least at minimum wage level and the work permit can be obtained for a period of maximum one year. Work permits that have been granted before 23 May and which are still valid, allows the holders of these work permits to work 16 hours as well without having to renew their work permit. 

This is an article by Limes International.