Location new bus station: do you think along with us?

23 May 2017

In May 2017, the municipality of Leiden has started an open participation process regarding the location of a new bus station. During a meeting on Wednesday evening June 7th we will gather all interests and ideas. You are warmly invited to join! Please do bear in mind this meeting is in Dutch.

Development station area

In the coming years, the area surrounding Leiden Central will get a transformation. The municipality wants to realize a vibrant area with new housing, catering facilities, easily accessible office space, shops and additional bicycle parking. The aim of these plans is to:
• connect Leiden Central, the Bio Science Park and the city center in a good way;
• create an attractive entrance to the city, on both sides of the station;
• develop the station area into a prime location for living, working, lingering and relaxing;
• make it a future-proof public transportation junction;

• improve the amenities and the road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and buses.

Participation process

The location of the bus station plays an important role in the makeover of the station area. In order to find a location for the bus station that is supported by the city and other stakeholders, the municipality organizes a participation process, under the guidance of an independent agency. During this process we gather the wishes and interests of residents, station area users, fellow citizens, companies and government parties, and together we seek solutions that serve these interests as much as possible. The purpose is to find the best options for the bus station, both in terms of location, purposes and routes to make sure our bus station will function well and will add value to the city and the surrounding area of Leiden Central.

Meeting on June 7th

On May 17th, a meeting was held for joint fact finding. During this meeting the municipality and stakeholders discussed what should be researched before the different alternatives can be elaborated. On June 7th we discuss the results of May 17th, such as the research agenda. And you can share your ideas for locations for the bus station and bus routes. 

This meeting will take place on Wednesday evening, June 7th at Stationsplein 107. We start with soup and bread at 6.30 pm. The program starts at 7.30 pm and lasts until 9.30 PM.  You are welcome to participate. Please register before June 5th by sending an e-mail to r.kleine@leiden.nl However, please do bear in mind the meeting is in Dutch.

More information

A special website is available for the participation process www.leiden.nl/busstation, where you can find all information. Also, you can  sign up for the digital newsletter. The website and the newsletter are in Dutch, but if you have questions, please contact us by filling out the contact form online.