Leiden Talent Region: The New Landing Page

27 May 2019

“Celebrate your life with your talent” – the slogan that is used to celebrate knowledge workers, and to attract the companies that would be hiring them, to the Leiden region.

Leiden Talent Region: Expat Centre Leiden’s new landing page to attract talent

Showcasing the talent in the region

After realizing the need to show the quality of life of international knowledge workers in the Leiden region, the Expat Centre Leiden took action. A website was developed. Institutions considering moving or starting here can now see the international economy and community in one glance.

Don’t take our word for it

“The Leiden Region is a hotspot for talented people, and has been for decades” a bold, yet true, claim. Numbers of international businesses and employees are taking off. The heading “Hear it from the community.”, filled with quotes and interviews with international people, confirms the region to be the international-friendly place it is. Life here offers “career, science, and balance”.

Future growth

It’s a start to a project that is essential to the new and developing Leiden region – as in international one. Does this spike your interest? Then we would love to get in contact with you for more ideas on how we could help businesses like yours.