Leiden remains international knowledge city despite the Corona virus

8 October 2021

The latest update of Internationalization Monitor shows that Leiden is and will remain an international city of knowledge.

The latest Internationalization Monitor 2021 shows that even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Leiden is and will remain an international knowledge city.

The Internationalization Monitor was published for the first time last year and the most recent update is now available. As can be seen from the data, the impact of the corona is visible. The increase in international people has stagnated compared to the previous year when the proportion of Leiden residents with a non-Dutch nationality was 11.6% and in 2020 this was 11.2%. In particular, the influx of Americans and Chinese fell in 2020 compared to previous years. In addition, Leiden as an international knowledge city can recognize the increase in the various groups of internationals: knowledge workers, labor migrants, students, and refugees. The monitor shows relevant figures about different groups of internationals in Leiden. This not only provides insight into the location and departure of internationals in our city but also, for example, into their living and working situation. The Internationalization Monitor is updated annually.

The original article is in Dutch.