Leiden Expat Centre carries out 300 registrations

5 September 2017

This week, Expat Centre Leiden celebrated its 300th registration! This means that the Expat Centre has provided 300 expats with a Citizen Service Number (BSN). The little fellow in the picture was number 300.


What is a BSN number?

When you come to the Netherlands to work or to study, you will need a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer -BSN). The BSN is a unique personal number which you will receive when you register with the municipality at the Expat Centre Leiden.

You need a BSN to arrange all your affairs with Dutch government agencies. It is also required when you start a job in the Netherlands, enrol in an educational programme, open a bank account, deal with the health care system, apply for benefits and pay taxes, to name a few examples. 

Expat centre Leiden expects to have carried out 500 registrations by the end of 2017.