Invitation: Sustainable cycle tour + round table for internationals in Leiden

29 June 2021

On the 9th of July, the Ga Goed initiative organises a kick off session with a group of key persons in the international community of Leiden to talk about sustainability initiatives in Leiden.

Goed - Good - Bon - Gut - Bueno - Bene - OK

“Goed” is an initiative originating from the City of Leiden. It aims to help its inhabitants to make the right choices in the realm of sustainability, energy transition and climate adaptation. Making the right decisions is good for the planet, for the city, for the neighbourhood and (we are Dutch after all) it can save money. 

The Goed project encompasses a wide array of local initiatives:

  • Changing brick into green: incentives to transform your stoney garden into a green area with plants and trees. This enhances the water resilience of the city in times where rain showers are becoming more intense than before.
  • Green rooftops. Use your roof as a green terrace or just be satisfied that this helps to lower the city’s average temperature on warm days.
  • In every neighbourhood of the city, skilled advisors are available to help your home to become more sustainable; isolation of the walls, floor, ceiling and windows can be costly and complex. What are your options, what are funding possibilities? Most of these services are free of charge.
  • Solar panels and other methods for renewable energy: what works best and what are the costs and benefits? Local energy ambassadors work together to help you choose the right (GOED) solution.
  • Circular economy. The City of Leiden has endorsed various local initiatives that enable recycling and upcycling of materials. Reuse reduces waste and can lead to creative concepts. Innovative projects can start on a local level. 

Good for internationals

In Leiden, there is an increasing community of internationals. Some are here only for a few years but others have made Leiden their home for a much longer period. It is time to involve this group of international Leidenaars into the Gagoed initiative. To get this done, we will organise a kick off session with a group of key persons in the international community of Leiden. 


The programme will be as follows:

  • Meetup and welcome at Circulair Paviljoen – The Field, Stationsplein 25 in Leiden
  • Bicycle tour along sustainable projects and initiatives in Leiden
  • Round table discussion: how to involve internationals in the sustainability programs in Leiden?
  • Wrapping up: next steps and planning
  • Drinks

We are looking forward to meeting you on the 9th of July! Please register at

If you can’t make it on July 9th, but are interested to learn more about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Yung Lie
Wijkambassadeur Energietransitie Gagoed - 06 53588684