How to create “gezelligheid” in your home!

2 November 2019

Whether you have recently moved to a new house or wish to spruce up your home décor, there are a lot of decoration tips that decorators use that you can apply no matter your budget. You can keep it plain and simple and still make a great impact. The problem is often that there are too many accessories and objects spread around the room so it looks a bit messy and disorganized….what to do?

Tip 1) Go and cluster!

The golden tip on styling accessories in your interior is: clustering! This simply means that you place your accessories close to each other in several groups. Be aware to leave other places empty in order to create a more coherent space.


Tip 2) Vary in sizes

By playfully clustering accessories with several materials, sizes, heights and shapes you enliven the space as a whole. For instance combine round shaped items with square ones. Just organize the items again and again (and take some distance) untill you think “this is the right setting”! And do not forget to add a flower, some leaves and/or candles!


Tip 3) Uneven numbers

As human beings we are more attracted to uneven numbers than to even numbers. This is based on the fact that our brains are trained to recognize patterns. When we see an even number, this image is being split by our brains. As uneven numbers can’t be split we see this image as a whole. So best is to choose for instance for three or five accessories placed together instead of two or four.


Tip 4) Colours and materials

To maintain beautiful consistency you can choose various hues of the same colour (ton-sur-ton). You can also pick two different colours, but not more since you will loose a bit of calmth in the room.  All the more you could combine different kinds of materials like ceramics, glass. And to get a glamorous touch, just add a tad of messing.


Tip 5: Personality

Last but not least, your interior should match your personality. There are many ways to add a personal touch to your home. For example, accessories with a good story or special souvenirs. And don’t forget to give your personal photos a nice spot as well! That way you make sure your house feels like home!


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