"Hello Leiden" television programme

2 May 2021

Sleutelstad TV is launching the very first television programme with English as the spoken language.

Sleutelstad TV is launching 'Hello Leiden', the very first television programme with English as the spoken language. This programme will focus on internationals who live, work or study in or near the general Leiden area. During the show, relevant and interesting stories and topics will be discussed by either one or two guests and the host. The show will be run by a team of professional internationals, exiled journalists and internationally oriented Leiden University students.

Their aim is to voice a bridge between the Dutch and the international inhabitants of the Leiden region. By addressing and discussing certain
(cultural) issues, they hope to create a certain degree of mutual understanding between different social groups, coming from different continents, backgrounds and cultures. Throughout each episode, they will be examining a wide range of experiences lived by foreigners in Leiden.
To name a few: obstacles they sometimes encounter, cultural differences and politics. In short, this show serves a wider audience.

Hello Leiden will be a weekly recurring event. Starting May 5th, they will be recording the show on Wednesdays. Each episode will last approximately 30 minutes and focus on at least one guest per episode, or else two guests with different experiences that can be compared, analyzed and discussed with the host. 

Watch the show every Saturday, starting from 8 May, at 9 pm on Sleutelstad TV, their website, or their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)! 

Share your story, perspective and/or experience! You can sign up by filling out this form

If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact them via helloleiden@sleutelstad.nl.