Follow in the footsteps of Rembrandt with Rembrandt socks

12 June 2019

With Rembrandt ON Socks you literally follow in the footsteps of Rembrandt. Explore and admire these masterpieces on socks and get inspired by the old master by alternating colors and expressions left and right.

ON socks did research about the soul of Rembrandt and took the expressions on his self-portraits as the basis. Every expression is different. At the same time, every expression is Rembrandt. This is also the case with Rembrandt ON socks. Every sock is different, yet the set of five socks forms a whole.

Rembrandt. The master of light and dark. The man with the surefire brush. A stubborn brush. A merchant, innovator, teacher, rebel, genius. He was it all. It is certain that he was already a great man in his own time. A productive and rich man who chose his own path. An incredible amount has been written about Rembrandt. But strangely enough, we don't know much about what was going on in Rembrandt's mind.

What we do know is that Rembrandt has made dozens of self-portraits. Some say he was incredibly vain. Others say he did that to practice expressing complex facial expressions and facial features.

One thing is certain: thanks to these selfies from the Dutch Golden Age, we know very well what Rembrandt looked like at every moment of the day. One moment he looks foolish, then daring. Then he is surprised or in shock. Tough, drunk. You have to be a versatile genius to look at yourself and then capture it.

The Rembrandt ON Socks are available at the Tourist Information Centre Leiden for € 19.95.

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