Explore the city of Leiden whilst solving a murder mystery!

11 July 2017

Are you looking for a fun way to explore the sights in the city of Leiden? On your own, together, with the whole family or a couple of friends? Then Speurroutes Nederland has the answer for you. The company created a Murder Mystery for you to solve. Now’s your chance to join hundreds of Speurrouters in catching the murderer!

For sale at Tourist Information Centre Leiden.

About the Murder Mystery in Leiden
This Murder Mystery is a fun and imaginative way to explore the beautiful and vibrant city of Leiden at your own pace and time. It is an easy to follow route that will enable you to crack the fiendish clues and discover whodunit whilst taking in some of the most fascinating sites of the city along the way.

The route winds its way round the nicest canal in Leiden, Rapenburg. You’ll see some of the prettiest courtyards and pass the stunning Hortus Botanicus with the old Observatory and walk down old alleyways with quaint shops and lovely squares around the Sint Pieterskerk. You will pass many cafes and restaurants offering plenty of opportunities for a drink and to participate in the national sport: people watching. You could also have a picnic or just laze around in one of the parks.

The route is suitable for ages – 6 to 110. Children under the age of 11 years may struggle to solve a lot of the clues as the route is written in ‘adult language’, but with a little bit of help from an older person, even they can get involved.

The Murder Mystery is about 3.2 km long, takes about 2 hours to solve. and costs €7,50 at the Tourist Information Centre (located near the Central Station, Stationsweg 26, Leiden).

You can also purchase the route for the same price at www.speurroutes.nl. Either download the PDF or order the hard copy in their webshop (pay with Ideal).

Solve the clues, find the murderer and stand a change to win a prize! Send in your right answer and you will be entered into the draw to win 100 euros. A winner is picked from the correct entries every year.

More Mysteries
Has the Murder Mystery whet your appetite? Want to explore another beautiful and historic city in the Netherlands? There is a Spy Mission for you to solve in Den Bosch (in English and in German), that is, if you choose to accept it! More Speurroutes mysteries will be created and translated in the nearby future. Keep a spy eye on.