Expat Centre Leiden Receives a Shared Second Place in the PPS2018 Elections (Public-Private Collaboration 2018)

1 November 2018

Leiden, November 1st 2018 – The Expat Centre Leiden received a shared second place in the election Public-Private Collaboration 2018 (PPS2018) organised by foundation CLOK. In the preselections the Expat Centre Leiden, a project by Economie71, already achieved a position in the top three. After intensive deliberation by the jury members on the 1st of November - the winner was announced.

Appreciation for the ‘soft landing’  

In her selection criteria, the jury looked at the complete material that was sent in by the nominees, at the extent to which the organisation forms an example and at the originality of the projects. Concerning the Expat Centre Leiden, the jury mostly has admiration for the support offered during the ‘soft landing’ of the often highly educated expats in the region. “The Expat Centre does this with a mostly practical set of services performed by partners from the sectors business, education and government”.

The two other finalists were Green Chemistry Campus, Bergen op Zoom and DIME Hub Nissewaard.

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About PPS2018

PPS2018 was organised under auspicies by the Foundation CLOK. CLOK operates almost completely alone in a unique niche, which is serving Public-Private markets. CLOK wants to promote local entrepreneurship and economic development through the government and entrepreneurs. CLOK’s mission is: contribute to the power of a sustainable regional and local economy to strive for more prosperity, well-being and happiness.