Expat Centre Leiden in the Finale of the PPS2018 Elections (Public-Private Collaboration 2018)

12 September 2018

Leiden, September 12th 2018 – The Expat Centre Leiden is one of the five finalists of the PPS2018 Elections (Public-Private Collaboration 2018) organized by the foundation CLOK. The Expat Centre Leiden was chosen from a pool of numerous submissions earlier as a suitable contender, resulting in a spot in the finals. The chosen winner has to be innovative and ground-breaking, with measurable performance in a finished or operational project in the field of public-private collaboration. On November 1st – the National Day of Economic Affairs – the jury will announce the winner.


The Expat Centre Leiden (ECL) is proud to announce their nomination and position in the top five. “We work really hard on the Expat Centre, but that we were selected for the top five in the short amount of time that the Expat Centre has been active in the form it is now, is a huge boost” says Corine van der Ceelen, manager of the ECL. According to Jacqueline Ton from the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Centre) the Expat Centre is in the top five for good reason. “By supporting internationals in the coming to and setting in stages, the ECL facilitates many businesses and knowledge institutes in the Leiden region. The Expat Centre Leiden unburdens and connects, and is thus eminently the example of public-private collaboration with partners such as the municipalities in the Leiden region, the entrepreneurial association the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP), LUMC and the Leiden University. They rightfully earned a spot in the finale”, states Ton.

See the ECL’s contribution to the election here. 

About PPS2018

PPS2018 is organised under auspices by the foundation CLOK. CLOK operates almost completely alone in a unique niche, which is serving Public-Private markets. CLOK wants to promote local entrepreneurship and economic development through the government and entrepreneurs. CLOK’s mission is: contribute to the power of a sustainable regional and local economy to strive for more prosperity, well-being and happiness.

November 1st 2018 the winner will be announced. The winner will be chosen by a jury consisting of Jan van Ginkel, Cees Nuijten and a yet to be announced jury member. The jury bases their decision on the collaboration between at least two parties: public and privat. More information on the election can be found at: http://clok.nl/nieuws/actueel/20-professionaliseren/362-start-verkiezing-pps