Expat Centre Independent Organisation

29 November 2018

The Expat Centre Leiden will be an independent organisation from June 1st 2019 forward, states the municipality.

Expat Centre Independent Organisation

img 20181129 wa0001Leiden/region *An expat is a foreign employee that is temporarily residing in a country. Leiden and its surroundings have more than 10,000 expats who are employed mainly at the university, LUMC, and the Bio Science Park. With this, "the region profiles as an international knowledge region" states the announcement.

In order to support these expats with, for example, finding a residence or putting each other in contact, the Expat Centre was established at the Stationsweg. This happened because of Leiden and four surrounding municipalities, the university, and a few other large companies. They named their cooperation "Economie071" and the Expat Centre was a subsidiary undertaking.

The Expat Centre will continue on its own next year, at least until 2021. A bond will remain financially. Leiden will donate almost 200 thousand to the independent organisation.

-Loman Leefmans for Het Leidsch Dagblad