English webpages Oegstgeest

4 October 2017

From now on, the municipality of Oegstgeest will provide information on various subjects in English. During the Summer months, they have worked hard to publish the most relevant information in English online. They are proud of the result!


Alderwoman Wendelien Tonjann-Levert is glad that Oegstgeest now has a fine English section online: Many people who reside in Oegstgeest have a non-Dutch background. Many expats, alone or with their families, live here temporarily. For these people, practical information on the municipal website of their place of residence can help them get off to a good start. A number of affairs can be arranged at your municipality, in many other instances, the Expat Centre can be of service. I am pleased with the fact that we can now offer a modest, yet solid, English section on our website.