Dutch government announces evening closures and tighter restrictions

29 November 2021

At Friday’s press conference, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced additional coronavirus restrictions to slow the spread of infections across The Netherlands. These measures came into effect on Sunday, November 28 and will remain until (at least) December 18.

 General measures 

  • Evening lockdown will take place from 17.00 to 05.00, excluding essential shops/services 

  • Everyone must stay home as much as possible 

  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres is mandatory for adults over the age of 18 

Stores, supermarkets and services 

  • Between 17.00 and 05.00 all locations must close, excluding essential shops and services. 

  • Essential shops such as supermarkets remain open until 20.00. 

  • Face masks and proper social distancing are required in all locations. 

  • Essential service providers can stay open for their normal hours (such as lawyers, medical practitioners, etc.). 

 Cafes, bars and restaurants 

  • All locations must close from 17.00 to 05.00. 

  • Takeaway is still possible. 

  • Social distance of 1.5 metres is required, everyone must show a coronavirus pass to be seated, and masks are required while moving around. 

Gyms and sports 

  • Between 17.00 and 05.00, training and amateur sports matches are not permitted.  

  • Gyms close at 17.00 

  • Professional sports can continue past 17.00, but no spectators or audiences are allowed. 

Theatres, cinemas and the arts 

  • Theatres and cinemas are required to close at 17.00. 

  • Professionals in arts and culture can continue to rehearse beyond 17.00, however audiences are not allowed. 

  • Coronavirus passes remain compulsory, and face masks must be worn while moving around. 


  • Schools remain open with additional rules and arrangements to limit the spread of the virus. 


  • Invite no more than four people daily to your household. 

  • It is recommended to take a self-test before visiting someone. 

  • Take extra caution where people over the age of 70 encounter children under the age of 12. 


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