Call To Action: "The Whole Doctor" by Dr. Jongbloed

10 February 2020

This is a call to action! Drs. Jongbloed and van der Ven recently translated their book "HEEL de dokter" ("Heal the Doctor/ The Whole Doctor") into English, and are looking to get the book published in English-speaking countries. The mental health of physicians and general practitioners is a problematic field - for if everyone goes to their general practitioner to feel better, who will help the general practitioner when they are down? This book, with it's emphasis on self-reflection, hopes to help general practitioners and doctors the world over.

Dr. Jongbloed wrote the following:

"We published ‘HEEL de dokter’ ('Heal the Doctor/The whole doctor') to inspire physicians in all career stages to keep working with zest. The content is based on our professional experience in coaching physicians as well as my PhD research about ‘Physician job satisfaction in the Netherlands’. It presents a serious topic in an optimistic manner with a strong emphasis on self-reflection. We've already sold 8000 copies, meaning that > 10% of all Dutch physicians obtained the book.  More information can be found on

As we know that physicians in other countries like UK, USA and Canada struggle with similar questions, we translated our book in (American) English. To introduce our book on the American and English book market we would like to collaborate with native English, Americans or Canadians who can help us to get in contact with publishing companies and/or medical organizations that might be interested to publish or buy the book.

Please let us now if you are interested. If so, we would be pleased to meet you."

Know a publisher or someone in the medical industry who might be interested, and want to flex your network? You can get in touch with the good doctors by clicking the link here.