Bilingual Primary School: The Leidse Houtschool in Leiden

28 April 2020

With a growing international population, the demand for international schooling is increasingly becoming a bottleneck for new international staff members coming to the Leiden region. The Leidse Houtschool is rolling out a new bilingual stream for international parents.

Introduction to The Leidse Hout School

With more and more international employees in Leiden, finding a suitable primary school has become a major bottleneck to recruiting new staff. To combat this problem, the Leidse Hout School opened a bilingual stream starting with groups 1&2 in September 2019 and is planning new groups 3 & 5 in September 2020. The school is aiming for bilingual classes for all ages between 4 and 12 years old within 3 years and can scale-up faster should the need arise.

The Leidse Hout School is a state primary school located in a green, quiet and safe neighbourhood in Leiden, 5 minutes from the LBSP and LUMC. The school attaches great importance to a welcoming atmosphere and safe environment so that children can learn and play with each other in a stimulating environment. The school currently has 220 pupils and has the ambition and space to expand as the bilingual stream grows. The school does not charge tuition fees and is fully funded by the state. Parents are invited to contribute around €100 per child per year towards school trips.

Vision on bilingual learning

The Leidse Hout School is and will remain a Dutch state primary school. The bilingual stream teaches some subjects in Dutch and up to 30% of the total in English. The classes are small (around 22-25 children) and the bilingual stream teachers are either native or accredited near-native English speakers. All children learn Dutch and work towards achieving the official Dutch state primary school certificate (CITO) in year 8. Children in the bilingual stream will also have the opportunity to sit Cambridge exams to supplement the Dutch exams if desired. The bilingual stream is therefore most suited to children who are likely to stay in the Netherlands for several years and also for Dutch children who are up to the challenge of bilingual learning.


The Leidse Houtschool is an IPC school (International Primary Curriculum). IPC is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops an international mindset and encourages personal development. Classes in the bilingual and Dutch streams work on IPC projects together, sharing cultures, experiences and language.

Digital learning

The Leidse Hout School works with Chromebooks (laptops) for all groups and uses them to support learning objectives. In groups 3 to 6, teachers also use Snappet, an adaptive language and maths programme which allows children to learn at their own speed and level.


Promoting mutual trust within groups and developing personal resilience are the foundations for a safe learning environment. “Kanjertraining” is a programme used throughout the school which focusses on the social-emotional development of the students and developing positive social skills.

Registration 2020

The school is now taking registrations for both the ongoing 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. Please contact Tom Navis (Headmaster) for more details or visit the English language website at

Primary School De Leidse Houtschool
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