Bike rental EasyFiets starts crowdfunding for new recyclefactory

1 March 2018

Leiden – On Wednesday February 14th 2018, the Leiden bike rental organisation Easyfiets started a crowdfunding for their new recycle factory. Easyfiets has been recycling bicycles since 2015, after which they can be leased for a fixed monthly fee. With this new factory, the company wishes to recycle even more bicycles. Furthermore, the factory offers a sheltered workshop for people who are distanced from the labour market, where they will have the ability to obtain a certificate as a bicycle mechanic.


EasyFiets hopes to collect €50.000 through the crowdfunding, funds they need in order to build the workshop. They need new workplaces, tools and benches. The remainder of the sum will be used to recycle 1000 bicycles this year alone. The factory will open its doors on April 7th 2018. ‘We’ve been dreaming of a recycle factory for years. A place where we can fix all the abandoned bikes in Leiden and give them a second chance as EasyFiets. This dream is getting quite close now,’ said Kasper, co-founder of Easyfiets.

The crowdfunding began on February 14th and has already surpassed the €20.000 mark. People can donate up to €250, for which they will receive an original reward. There is also an opportunity to invest, starting at €1000, for which they will receive a nice interest.