Pilgrim Game Family Edition - Coronaproof


Bizon Events present a corona-safe, outdoor 'escape room' for small groups in Leiden.

The year is 1620...

12 years ago, English Puritans who were persecuted for their faith fled to freer Holland and moved to Leiden. This group of Pilgrims eventually decide to move to America. This has to be done in the deepest secrecy, which is why the place where they can board the boat is hidden in code language at various locations in the city of Leiden.

Do you know how to crack the various codes in time and escape the persecutors - the city council of Leiden and the King of England? Working together is important and all senses and capacities of your family are tested to the maximum.

During this program, your family will be provided with a Game tablet and wooden case with elements that contribute to solving the various assignments. You move from (Pilgrim) location to (Pilgrim) location in the center of Leiden. Locations that you visit are of course Pilgrim-related and hide a nice story.

By completing the assignments, do you know how to crack the codes and eventually find the location where the Pilgrims stepped on board towards the 'New World'?

This format has been specially developed for families, where both kids (aged 7-12) and parents must make an active contribution to bring the game to a successful conclusion.

Price per family, 4 persons: € 59.00
Duration: 2 hours
Participants must adhere to the latest corona measures.

Find out more information and book here
Please note, the website is in Dutch but the game can be played in English and/or Dutch. You can use Google Chrome to easily translate the webpage.


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