Oud Ade - Open Day at Emely's Garden

Bospad 22, 2374 BT Oud Ade

Welcome to our garden: “Emely’s Tuin”

When we acquired this property in autumn 1985 we saw a house hidden behind a lot of bushes, and immediately fell in love with this place. Only around the main building there were a few flower borders. The orchard was overfull, the woods were there, but the current symmetric garden – south of the small ditch that divides the property – was an uncultivated piece of land with bushes and some small trees.

At the east of the main building, behind the garage, are a wood garden with a little pond, a small orchard with a border in which all plants are allowed to settle, and a white garden (behind the carpinus betulushedge).

The main house lies between the ditch and a canal, the water level of which is about 1.5 meter above our ground level. South of the main house, near the terrace, there is a shadow border under the two walnut trees. Originally there were three walnut trees with two birches in between. A bit too many trees next to each other. West of the house are some smaller borders. North of the house, folded between the house and the canal dike, the soil is generally very wet. Here we created the swamp garden. On the south side of the terrain, across the ditch, next to the recently built smaller house, you will see a kitchen garden and the small nursery.

Behind the acer campestre hedge the symmetric garden – designed and constructed by Emely – is situated, watched over by our statuette ‘Lientje’. In the early days, when this part of the garden still was uncultivated, our children used to play tennis and field hockey here. They mowed the grass, removed a number of small scattered trees, paved the land, and had their fun. In the garage where coffee and tea and some garden souvenirs are available, a few photographs show how the garden was created. Further east of the symmetric garden, towards the woods and the garden house, is the ‘hot garden’ with hot colours (red, yellow, orange). There are a few paths leading through the woods.

Enjoy our garden, and do walk around!

Entrance to the garden is at the visitor’s own risk.

Entry: EUR 2.50 p.p., on 1. June 2019. For groups (minimum 8 people) the garden can also be visited by appointment all year round, except on Wednesdays.

Visit the website for more information.

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