Managing Your Wealth Webinar

Your Financials’ partner and Certified Financial Planner Mario van Teijlingen will host a “Managing your Wealth” webinar on 29 April from 10:00-11:30. This year the webinar will focus on investment classes shares, bonds and so-called “alternatives” like (rented) real estate. Aspects like exploring your risk appetite and the consequences of your risk capacity, what does responsible investing mean to you and market volatility like we witnessed in 2020 will be covered.

You can book your ticket here. You will receive the link to the webinar a few days in advance. Registrations are open until April 27, 2021 15:00. 

If you book before 15 April and leave a subject in the comments section of your booking, Mario will be able to integrate that subject in the webinar. 

Afbeelding bij agenda item Managing Your Wealth Webinar  van 29 April 2021