Leiden - Nizar Rohana Trio

Muziekhuis - Middelstegracht 123, 2312 TV Leiden

Expressive ud music

Nizar Rohana is a virtuoso player of the ud, the Arabian lute. He lives in Holland but comes from Palestine. His own compositions sound fresh and contemporary, but without loosing the characteristic and authentic 'language' of the ud. Nizar Rohana started playing when he was 13 and wasn't only taught music from the Arabic tradition, but also learned about western classical music.

All these influences are to be heard when listening to the Nizar Rohana Trio, further consisting of the Hungarian double bass player Matyas Szandai and the French-Lebanese percussion player Wassim Halal. The Nizar Rohana Trio plays beautiful, expressive compositions that not only are the results of Arabic and Middle-eastern traditions, but in which influences from the jazz and western classical music are incorporated too.

In 2016 their debut album ‘Furat’ (Eufraat) was released. The compositions on this cd are inspired by this famous river and its route along ancient peoples, nations and civilizations.

Tickets: 15,- / 12,50 / 10,-

More information https://www.de-x.nl/195/Nizar-Rohana-Trio


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