Leiden - Melting Pot Brunch

Raamsteeg 2a, 2311 PL Leiden

PS|theater invites you to join us at our dining-table and share stories and a meal. The theatre-makers, together with two international citizens, will serve a taste of their inquiry into the Worldly City. Melting pot is an event where you can savour the flavour of home, peak into our kitchen and meet the city all at once.  The result? A hodgepodge of stories from far away and recipes that remind you of home.

Melting pot includes a delicious brunch. Tickets can be ordered here.

Serial advantage
Melting Pot consists of three different editions: Sunday the 24th of March, Sunday the 19th of May and Sunday the 15th of September. Do you want to attend all three editions? Click here to get a serial reduction on your tickets. 

Afbeelding bij agenda item Leiden - Melting Pot Brunch van 15 September 2019