Leiden - Magda Mendes and Band

Middelstegracht 123, Leiden

Magda Mendes will visit "De X" again, this time with her newest programme: Oliveiras.

Oliveiras is about the countryside of central Portugal. An area that recently made headlines because of the forest fires. It's a forgotten area, even its history is threatened to be forgotten.

Magda Mendes was born and raised in Lissabon, but already lives for many years in Rotterdam. 

On her latest album Oliveiras she leaves the city and focusses on the countryside. Songs for instance about her father António Oliveira, who seems to have the same roots as the age-old olive trees from his native area. About the inhabitants who stayed but whose voices aren't heard, about how Mendes' roots are pulling her since she left her birthplace.

For this programme Mendes´ band will be supported by a wind ensemble.

Entrance fee at venue: € 15,00
Entrance fee online: € 12,50

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