Leiden - Learn to skate while playing Ice Hockey

Schaatshal Leiden: Vondellaan 41, 2332 AA Leiden

Ice hockey is undoubtedly a special sport that everyone knows, but only a few participate. A great sport to watch and even more fun to play yourself. Only if you play it yourself, you will really know what the sport is like. For many children this is the first introduction to ice hockey. For some even their first ice experience.

The Leiden Lions ice hockey school meets from October 12, every Saturday at 4.30-5.30 pm. You don't need to be a good skater, just a great sports attitude and we will help you with the rest.

Children from 4 years old can already start at the ice hockey school.
Children can also participate in the ice skating school via school sports.

Our goal is to familiarize children with ice hockey in a fun way. Skating experience is not necessary. The first thing to be learned is skating. The children are divided into three groups. Each group has its own learning goals for various basic skate and stick techniques.

The club makes helmet and stick available. Please, bring the following equipment yourself:

-gloves (no mittens)
-hockey skates (also for rent at OOMS sport at the ice rink)
-knee and elbow protectors (inline skating set is fine)

The ice hockey school is open every Saturday from 16:30 until 17:30.We advise you to be present 30 minutes in advance to fit your helmet and stick and tighten your clothes and skates.

It costs € 190,- for the whole season (20 lessons). Should you join us later, then your fee will be in proportion. You can always try a lesson at no cost.

Please, send an e-mail to  ijshockeyschool@leiden-lions.nl.

To register visit the website.

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