Leiden - IT Hackathon

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Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden

Hackers of Leiden Unite!

Are you ready to hack the university with your unique skills? Let’s join forces to take on some real ICT challenges. In collaboration with ISSC Leiden, PLNT organizes a hackathon where you get the chance to work together with others to make the ICT department of Leiden University more efficient and innovative.

The collaborating organizations will bring concrete challenges that they currently face, which may be solved with your knowledge about data science, your creativity in design, or any other particular skill you have. You will work in small teams to work on the problem that you are most eager to solve. The goal is to come to a solution that will actually be implemented after the hackathon!

Developers, designers, engineers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, strategists, artists: you’re all hackers during the ICT Hackathon at PLNT!

Food and drinks are included.

Date: March 22 and 23
Time: Day 1 (17:00 - 23:00), Day 2 (09:00 - 17:00)
Location: PLNT Leiden
Language: English

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