Leiden - Hungarian Cuisine and Jazz Night

Doezastraat 1b, 2311 GZ Leiden

The last Friday of February: jazznight at the Sijthoff Culturehall.
Renowned cheff Damaru Kalkman will serve a 3-course meal. The chef is inspired by the jazz musicians' heritage, such as the pianists' Hungarian background. For that reason, this night and meal will have a Hungarian theme.

When one thinks of Hungarian food, you immediately think of 'Goulash'. Not to worry! That will surely be on the menu! As well as famous Hungarian dishes such as kohlrabi soup, creamy chicken porkolt and pasta with lemon creme.

To participate: € 17,50 (excluding drinks) make sure to sign up before February 21st. 
Dinner and jazz combo: € 27,50 - CJP and students € 22,50

To reserve your tickets.
In case of specific dietary needs please notify in advance!


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