Leiden - City Marathon

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Leiden Marathon

The Leiden Marathon has been known for years for its special service and attention for the participants. The exceptional atmosphere that hangs on marathon day in Leiden is partly created by the tens of thousands of spectators who shout the thousands of runners to the finish. And of course the many volunteers and music bands who would like to have their share in this unique sporting experience.

Get a feel of the different parcours through the city!
Choose your desired distance and sign up now!
If you prefer to walk, sign up here!

Run the 5K on the 18th of May and the remaining distances one day later on the 19th of May!


Volunteers make the Leiden Marathon a great success every year, without which we would not even be able to organize this unique event. Do you want to be involved in the second largest party that Leiden has? Please contact us; info@marathon.nl.


Find the official website (in English) and more useful information click here


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