Katwijk - Meditation Concert at Soefi Temple

Zuidduinseweg 5, 2225 JS Katwijk aan Zee

In light of mindfulness, relaxation and slow food, Jeroen van Veen and Evelien Fokker introduce ‘SlowMusic’. Since 2017 they have joined forces and musical knowledge to create this subtle and refined journey for body and mind. While laying down, this music will take you on a 7 step journey of meaning and transformation. The slow and steady sounds of the piano combined with the soft notes of the cello will bring you to a deep state of relaxation where time just stands still. Don’t miss out one this unique experience for a night of SlowMusic.

Reviews from participants:

* This was wonderful! I feel at peace and rested but yet so full of energy.
* Thank you, it was a beautiful experience. So much calmness and peacefulness.
* So fulfilling!
* Artists of music! SO much gratitude for this evening!

Jeroen van Veen is an experienced concert pianist and has specialized in minimalistic and slow music inspired by Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi, Arvo Pärt en Simeon ten Holt.

Evelien Fokker is an experienced trainer, coach and workshop coordinator, she also does readings and retreats focussing on transformations and personal growth. Her phycology background combined with being a musician and yoga instructor, allows her to inspire people to live a life full of essence.


Tips for classes:

* Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or meditation pillow.
* The temple opens at 19.00, there is an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding dunes while drinking a cup a tea.
* Paid parking next to the temple (Monday – Saturday until 20.30).
* Free parking near the sports field.
* The temple is a place of rest and tranquillity, please refrain from making loud noises.
* No refunds.


Location & contact

Zuidduinseweg 7, Katwijk aan Zee
Jet Parlevliet: 06-24717979


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