Oegstgeest is a picturesque green village with a pleasant and dynamic living climate. Historically, Oegstgeest is part of the Duin- en Bollenstreek, though the bulb culture has virtually disappeared to the background in the past 50 years. Oegstgeest is situated centrally in the Randstad and is easily accessible. It acts, as it were, as a gateway to the city, whereas, on the other side, it is a portal to the Duin- en Bollenstreek. Moreover, Oegstgeest is the natural link to the coast and the beach.


Oegstgeest has two high-quality shopping areas which attract shoppers from across the region. Hospitality is highly valued in Oegstgeest and the hospitality of the village allows people ‘from outside’ to feel at home there quite easily. The village attracts people from the region, as well as commuters and many expats who are employed at the international Life Science companies and other businesses in the area. Many people are impressed by the green areas and pleasant living climate of Oegstgeest. Due to its countless beautiful, stately and green sites, Oegstgeest is also a very popular wedding- and conference location. The town hall, Oud-Poelgeest Castle, the Beukenhof, each of these locations attract many people from outside the village.



Rhijngeesterstraatweg 13
T 071 516 516 5
E info@oegstgeest.nl

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