The municipality of Katwijk consists of the villages Katwijk aan Zee, Katwijk aan den Rijn, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg. Katwijk is a seaside place close to Leiden, with its own distinct character and a lovely atmosphere. In Katwijk, you will find not only the old traditions, but also a very large shopping centre right by the sea. Good old-fashioned hospitality, yet combined with surprising events. Katwijk is a municipality, with all the facilities of a town.

Discover Katwijk

There is a lot to discover in Katwijk. Sure, everyone knows about the dunes and the beach. But there is so much more to Katwijk! For instance, every weekend, you will find live music being played somewhere or other. Organ concerts and other classical music, cover bands, but also pop and (hard) rock. Of course, Katwijk also has many features that match with its history as a fishing village, such as the ‘watergolfslagfontein’ (wave-generating fountain): the basin next to the ‘Witte Kerk’ church, where cool waves wash over Andreasplein square every half hour!

Surprising Katwijk!

Many visitors are surprised when they visit Katwijk. The municipality offers a lovely, authentic atmosphere combined with events that are well worth attending. Katwijk is the proud owner of the most beautiful boulevard in the Netherlands. It is the ideal place for hiking, cycling or shopping in the characteristic shops. A variety of restaurants and beach pavilions is ready to pamper you with coffee and delicious meals after a day spent on the beach or in the shopping centre.  Also, Katwijk is situated at the border of the bulb region and a perfect starting point for a tour around the colourful flower and bulb fields.

The Coastal municipality of Katwijk

The villages  of Katwijk, Katwijk aan Zee, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg together form the coastal municipality of Katwijk.

Each of these villages has its own surprising history. Some highlights to add on your list:

  • Katwijks Museum: to find out more about the fishing past of Katwijk aan Zee
  • Discover the origins of a Roman army settlement on the Limes (nominated as a World Heritage Site) and visit the Torenmuseum (Tower Museum)
  • Spinozahuis: a small museum dedicated to the life and work of the Jewish philosopher Spinoza, who lived for some time in Rijnsburg where he commenced work on his magnum opus ‘Ethics’.


Visiting addres

Koningin Julianalaan 3
2224 EW Katwijk ZH

Phone number 071 4065000
Email address info@katwijk.nl
www.katwijk.nl (Dutch only)